Growing up, my mother was a wedding cake designer. One of her designs was chosen to be photographed by BRIDES Magazine, so I got to go with her to NYC for a photoshoot in their Manhattan studio. The entire process was incredible. I knew then and there that I was falling in love with photoshoot energy and the wedding industry.  

It all started with a trip to NYC.

I'm the owner + lead photographer at Elysian Bloom. I appreciate you taking a moment to check out this section so you can learn a little bit about me and what makes me tick. I believe it's very important for you to connect with me or any other photographer you may hire who choosing someone to capture your life's most beautiful moments. I'm a wife, mom, lover, dreamer, free spirit, artist, registered yoga teacher, and I'm full of passion for making and creating beautiful things and seeing beauty in things others may find ordinary. I find it very peaceful to be behind my camera capturing everything from my wonderful clients to flowers and sunsets. When I'm being creative and living in my artistic energy, it awakens a part in me that makes me feel like I am living in my purpose and makes me feel alive. I have been a photographer for nine years and my specialities are both weddings + boudoir. I love to add a touch of playfulness + sexiness to the weddings I shoot. I firmly believe romantic love is a thing to be celebrated and captured so I love tapping into this element with my couples. For boudoir, I love to inspire women to connect with their inner goddess and sensual self. If you feel drawn to work with me in any way, I'd love to be your photographer.

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Black is my favorite color. I love the ocean, sunsets, wine and moody summer nights. Connecting to nature is medicinal to me but I love the bright lights of my city. Traveling and exploring new places gives me the best dopamine high. 

What I'm 


Progress > Perfection. I've struggled with extreme OCD in my business and I've got in my own way more than once. Distractions and comparisons will set you back.  

What I'm 

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I'm not a rule follower or a conformist. I do what I feel is intuitively best for me, even when no one else agrees. I don't care about fitting in or following the crowd or playing small and I don't care for surface level interactions of any kind. I'm completely unavailable for a mediocre, boring existence.  

what I


We are all here to learn, evolve, grow & expand. Self-love is the key component for getting through this life and having healthy boundaries will always land you in the most ideal situations. Learn how to save yourself, but be soft enough to be open for help when it presents itself.  


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"A wedding is a reunion, an expression of style, and the ultimate opportunity to create memories with loved ones. By keeping the focus on these stories at play, Heather Glenn has emerged as one of Dallas' most sought after wedding photographers. Her aesthetic is clean, modern and vibrant yet unpretentious and genuine."

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